We're a fast growing team based in New York City.

 We are constantly building our team at Blueberry, which consists of a diverse group of people to create innovative solutions and better product decisions as we will continually evolve Blueberry.

Our Mission

We created Blueberry, to simplify the lives of self-employed business owners with innovative friendly financial solutions to increase business productivity.

Blueberry helps self-employed business owners run and grow their business more effectively

For those who are self-employed, a typical day leads to constantly having a lot going on — from finding clients, scheduling appointments, taking care of business and actually getting the work done. This means that managing business productivity effectively is crucial and will lead to an increase in sales and more recurring customers. Blueberry offers a suite of simple straightforward business solutions which helps to get paid faster and increase productivity — right through our easy-to-use mobile app

Run your business, your way

Business payment solutions designed around self-employment